Mining Agreements

The Government of Sierra Leone has signed the following large-scale mining license agreements:
  • Mining Lease Agreement ML01-10, African Minerals Ltd Group of Companies dated 6th day of August 2010 (MMMR-SL_ML01-10_AfricanMinerals_2010)
  • Mining Lease Agreement ML02-09, London Mining Company Ltd dated 27th day February 2012 (MMMR-SL_ML02-09_LondonMiningCompany_2012)
  • Mining Lease Agreement ML06-95, Koidu Holdings S.A signed in year 2010 (MMMR-SL_ML06-95_MiningAgreement_KoiduHoldings_2012)
  • Mining Lease Agreement ML01-05, Sierra Minerals Holdings1 Limited dated 16th July 2012 (MMMR-SL_ML01-05_SierraMineralHoldings1_2012)
  • Mining Lease Agreement ML2134, Sierra Rutile Limited (First Amendment to that certain agreement of November 20, 2001) dated 4th day of February 2004 (MMMR-SL_ML2134_SierraRutile_First Amendment_2001).  Being an agreement ratification Act, 2002 to confirm and ratify an agreement between the two parties on 3rd November 1989 – (MMMR-SL_ML2134_SierraRutile_AgreementRatificationAct_2002)